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Simply email me and be sure your subject line says "Blog Design" because I'll do a quick happy dance and then respond ASAP. You can expect my response within 1-3 business days except in rare circumstances when I'm traveling or unavailable.

Once you email me and I know you're interested, my follow up email will include a short list of items I need from you in order to get working on a design you'll love. Your answers will provide me with a great starting place and once I've received those, and your payment, I'll get right to work on a rough draft for you. Once I have something in place, I'll email it to you and when you're ready, you'll respond with adjustments, changes and ideas about where to take the design from there. 

Some designers put a limit on the amount of revisions they will provide, but I don't. Sometime I nail a design on the first try, other times it takes multiple emails back and forth before you're completely satisfied. All I want is for you to 110% love the final product, so we'll revise until it's perfect! Once you're ready, we'll pick a date for installation and before you know it your blog will be new and shiny.

Unfortunately, this is not a service I am offering at this time.

I am happy to answer as many questions as I possibly can while we work on your new design, but I would suggest getting familiar with Blogger on your own, as well. There are so many in's and outs of blogging that it would literally take me hours and hours to walk someone through it all; it's like speaking a whole new language when you become a blogger! :) Again, I love helping new bloggers and will assist as much as I can, but the main service I'm providing is that gorgeous new makeover for your site.

Once you've given me the go-ahead, I'll send you over a PayPal invoice for the full amount, which must be paid before I get started on your rough draft. PayPal is the only way I can currently accept money, but please know you don't have to have your own PayPal account to pay this way.